Gratitude Reveals Heaven

Sometimes I have trouble being thankful because I’m always thinking about what could be and maybe even what should be. While there are many benefits and positives to pressing forward for more and all that God has shown you, there is a major downside. In the pursuit of our God-given dreams we can often miss the promises and breakthroughs that have already been given. What’s more, when we move past these breakthroughs too fast, we can often miss the pathway to the next one. So how do we steward what God’s already given us? 


An attitude of gratitude, as they say, is actually a key in discovering the wonderful and amazing plans and promises God has made you for. “Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.” – ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭100:4‬ 

As we are grateful for the little things and the big ones, the breakthroughs and the promises, we gain access to the very gates of heaven and enter into His courts. It’s even thankfulness that gives us access to God’s peace that transcends all understanding through any trial and storm (Phil 4:6-7). Gratitude is the culture of the Kingdom and reveals the goodness of a loving, pursuing, and relational Father. 

This Thanksgiving, I’m so very grateful for my family. When I look at my beautiful wife and 3 amazing boys, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that they are the fruit of fulfilled promises; that He is a real healer and can free people from any addiction or hinderance. When I look at my awesome mom, I’m overwhelmed with thanksgiving that she is still cancer free and how God used the medication to heal her so fast that the doctors were even surprised. 

I encourage everyone this Thanksgiving to pause, reflect, and begin to speak out your gratitude to Jesus and to others around you. As you do, you will see how open the heavens really are and begin to walk more fully in God’s promises for your life. 


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