That will never happen?

“…that will never happen.”

So many times we will have thoughts and dreams, some even inspired by God, and our first response will be, “well, that will never happen.” This happened to me today as I was thinking and dreaming about how to better keep our family and extended family more connected. Instantly that phrase, “that’ll never happen,” popped into my head. I was given a choice right then.

You see, sometimes there are seemingly logical reasons to say this phrase: money, time, past experiences, and even resistance from others. But God sees things totally different. To Him, all things are possible (Mt. 19:26). He actually places these desires in us (Phil 2:13) and then gives us the desires of our heart (Ps. 37:14). He can make a way where there is no way.

We have a choice. Do we believe God or our current or past circumstance? For me, I took that thought captive and started to thank God for this dream and desire. I thanked Him that he will make a way because I know it’s His desire for our families to be close and to thrive. Instead of agreeing with what is not, I agreed with what will be.

We will always have contrary thoughts pop in our head. The key is what will we declare and agree with. What will we speak aloud? The power of life and death is in the tongue (Prov 18:21). What we declare matters because it releases agreement. My encouragement to all of us is to take those contrary thoughts captive and declare the truth instead (2 Cor 10:5). This agreement releases the power (grace) to make the desires He’s placed in us happen.


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