“bear fruit with patience”

“bear fruit with patience” This concept has challenged me over and over.

If you look at the full parable, I think my life has reflected every stage before the seed (or word) was in “good” soil. Maybe it was always in good soil, but the seed just took a long time to die. ;). Either way, I’m still challenged with how to bear fruit with patience. I have a tendency to want to rush God and not “wait patiently for Him to act”; to not “strive to enter His rest.”

What’s helping me today is “hearing the word.” This is not someone reading to you out loud ;), but I believe reading the word until God begins to speak to you through it. The word is actually a person, Jesus. When we begin to hear him, that’s when we receive the patience to bear fruit. For me, it’s like a nudge of emotion on my heart. When you think, that really “hits” me.

Once I get to that place, I can then “hold it fast in an honest and good heart.” To me this is choosing to believe what he’s telling you through his word over your circumstance. It’s a choice. And when you hold it fast in the honest and good heart that Jesus has paid for us to have, then we bear fruit with patience.

What’s he telling you to hold fast to?

#word #holyweek #jesus #easter


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