Worship on the Quad

This past April at the Furious Love Conference, I felt challenged by Jesus to start worshiping him outside of the normal venues, like church, small group, etc.  Specifically, I think he wanted me to go to the Quad on campus.  I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I say yes to words, then my life gets busy and I can rationalize that the things I am doing trump everything else.  After all, this is all for Jesus, right?  Ha.  Yeah, well, the Holy Spirit is good, faithful, and I’m grateful that he continues to nudge me toward his plans. 🙂

As I mentioned in a previous note, my mini group is going through Power Evangelism.  Let me tell you, this book is challenging, great, practical, and actionable.  Read it.  Do it.

Last night, we decided to go out to the Quad and just begin to worship, and see what else Jesus wanted to do.  If you’ve seen any of us worship, then you know that at a level, this is risky in itself.  I many times lift my hands, dance, clap, shout out to Jesus.  Lately, I’ve tended to laugh, overcome with joy.

When we began to worship, it was like you could feel something shift.  At first, I couldn’t lift my hands because I was playing.  But Tim did.  You go boy!  The worship was authentic, Jesus’ presence was thick.  It was a pretty amazing time.  There was something about us not being ashamed to worship Jesus, to sing to him in public.  To worship him above everything else. To declare his name!

On a side note, there was an ironic type of sacrifice as I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes.  I guess literally blood, sweat and tears. 😉  I think I have 3 bites on my face alone.  Nice.

But you know, it didn’t matter.  We were actually worshiping him, unashamed, with abandon.  I sensed that we were sowing things into the foundation there.  Kind of weird and mystic sounding, but that’s what I think was happening.

As we were walking away, we were just talking about how much bolder we felt.  Like, this is what we were made for.  We’re going to continue to worship on the Quad and invite others to join.  I know we will go and pray for people too!  Can’t wait to see what Jesus wants to do!  Come Holy Spirit!  Can’t wait!


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