Most People Like and Want Prayer (Praying at the Union)

Yesterday, me and Chris Colon went to the Illini Union to pray for people.  This came out of a conversation we had had the previous night about learning to be bold with our faith and what our role as a disciple actually is.  As we had this conversation I said, well let’s just go do it…so we did. 🙂

Chris Colon’s excitement impresses me.  He got there a little early and texted me saying, I’m here early prepping the place with prayer.  I love it!

We began to walk around the Union just asking the Holy Spirit what he wanted us to do.  I actually prayed out loud while we were walking.  Sometimes I think, maybe someone will hear me praying and just want prayer. 😉  That didn’t happen. Ha.

Sometimes you don’t know who to pray for, how to approach people, etc.  The interesting thing is, I find I’m much bolder when I’m with other people doing this.  When I went out to pray alone last week, it wasn’t the same or as fun.  I do think Jesus broke something off me last week too cause I feel much freer now. 😉

Prayer #1

We passed this one guy and I thought, that’s who we should pray for.  It was just a thought, but I went with it.  I said, “Hey, How’s it going?  We’re out praying for people and you were just highlighted to me.  Would you like prayer for anything?”  Sometimes, you just have to get right to the point. 😉  He said, “Ummm, sure, like right now?”  I said, yup.  He was said he was really stressed about his research.  And then he stood up to receive prayer.  When he stood up he said, “I’m Muslim, is that ok?”  I said, sure, that’s fine with me.  As soon as I said that, I heard Jesus say to me, “A-hem, what about me, I’m the way to the Father.”  So I said to the guy…”Actually, we like to pray to Jesus, is it ok if we pray to him?” (There’s a back story to this question).  He was like, “Sure!”  Awesome. 🙂  So I prayed a simple prayer, that Jesus would relieve his stress, give him insight and wisdom.  In the middle of the prayer I asked the Holy Spirit to bring him peace, and he jolted a little an opened his eyes.  I think he was shocked that I mentioned the Holy Spirit.  Oooops. 😉 Maybe he got a little jolt from Jesus.  I can see it now, Free Jolts from Jesus! 🙂

It was a great prayer encounter and it was cool that he was open to receiving Jesus’ love for him.

Prayer #2

We continued to walk around the Union, asking the Holy Spirit was else he wanted to do.  I actually wanted to pray for physical healing, but there was no one around with any visible ailments.  Chris had actually saw a picture of someone with an earring and had been looking for someone that matched that description.  He did mention he saw someone in a wheelchair, but no earring. 😉  He thought about praying, but decided no.

When we went outside, we saw the guy in the wheel chair.  Again, I just had a feeling or sense to pray for him.  So as we were walking over, I said let’s ask him what he would like prayer for, and not assume that he wants prayer to be healed and able to walk.  Jesus would often ask people what they want, even if it was obvious.

I used the same approach…Hey, we’re praying for people and you were highlighted to us.  Would you like pray for anything?  He actually smirked when I said highlighted; I’m sure thinking we wanted to pray because he was in a wheelchair.  But he said yes!  He wanted prayer for a job.  He also laughed and said he wanted to find his soul mate.  I was like, cool, we’d love to pray for that.  This time we asked if we could put our hands on his shoulder, and he agreed.  Again, a simple prayer, asking for provision, that Jesus would reveal himself, that he would be filled with Spirit.  Chris shared a picture he got for him.  It was a very simple, but cool encounter. He said he was really grateful for the prayer!

It’s amazing to me that people just so readily accept prayer when you ask, even someone who is Muslim.  I love it!  I’ve asked Jesus for more prophetic words during these prayer times.  I want to be able to really speak into their life, call out what God made them for, that they would be really encouraged and know that Jesus loves them and sees them.

Insights I’ve learned:

  • People like and want prayer
  • Just asked directly: We’re praying for people, would you like prayer?
  • Don’t assume: Share the words you got, but also don’t assume they want what you think they want.  Ask them… Jesus did it that way many times.
  • Go in twos.  So far, this is the best for me.  Jesus sent people out in twos also. 😉  It’s also a great way to train and equip others.

Looking forward to more!


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