Encouraging Waiter at Applebees

Katie and I went on a little date to Applebees on Thursday.  We decided to see if we could get some encouraging words for the waiter.  Katie got something she called simple.  I thought, simple is great!  When she told me the word, I thought it was really good.

So we had our dinner and just chilled, waiting for a time to encourage him.  Throughout the evening we chatted with him a bit, asking him about his life.  Then toward the end, Katie said something like, Hey, I feel like God wants you to know that he has great plans for you, and will really help you succeed.  There’s more coming.  You could tell he was really receiving it well.  Who wouldn’t, really? 🙂

He said thank you and that it was really uplifting, and then paused for a moment.  You know those times where you sense…Oh, there’s openness to more here.  I was sensing that.  I thought, we should pray for him.  Katie was like, thanks for letting us share and then he walked away.

I thought it was a good and naturally supernatural encounter.  Proud of my wife! 🙂  I’m looking forward to us doing more of this together.  🙂

I do know the next time, I will jump in and ask to pray when I sense there’s more. 🙂


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