The Meat is in the Street

I just came back from going out to pray for people for first time in a long time by myself.  I much prefer going in groups and I’m understanding why Jesus sent people out in twos. 😉  More on this later.  Right now, my mini-group is going through Power Evangelism by John Wimber and Kevin Springer (not Jerry Springer).  It’s a great book and very challenging.  We’re using the study guide that gives us challenges every week, most with people we know that we want to give God’s love to.  I highly encourage you to read it!

Today, I went to the Illini Union.  I really felt I was supposed to go the coffee shop.  The word I got was about a family or friend situation that Jesus wants to guide the person through.  When I got there, the coffee shop was packed.  I saw the guy that I think I was supposed to share with but it was so busy I didn’t really get any chance to share.  So I walked around thinking maybe Jesus wanted to do something else with someone else.  Nope.  Finally I waited for the place to die down a little.  That place is really busy.

It’s interesting what I was experiencing while waiting.  Am I made for this stuff?  Do I really have a word for this guy?  Doubts, fears.  I haven’t experienced that in while in these situations.  But when your by yourself, no encouragement, just you and what you think is Jesus. 😉  The verse that’s highlighted for both me and my wife this week was 2 Tim 1:7 — “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”  At first this was mostly speaking into Katie’s situations.  But today, it’s speaking to me.  🙂  Sometimes I’m bold, sometimes I’m not.  I could tell the fear was starting to grip me today.  Crazy!

As I was waiting, I read the verse again.  And then the verse after it: “So never be ashamed to tell others about our Lord.”  Bam!  Talk about the Sword of the Spirit.  Good stuff.  I knew I needed to wait and then I saw my opportunity.

I went up and just shared.  “Hey, this might be kind of strange, but Jesus wants me to share that he really cares about you.  And there may be a family or friend situation in your life right now that he wants to guide you through.  Does that make sense to you at all?”  You could tell the guy was taken aback a little.  Of course, his co-workers were all there watching and listening.  Finally, he said, “Um, well,  I can’t really think of a situation right now, but thanks so much for sharing that.”  I said no problem and walked away.

Of course, not exactly what I was hoping for, but it’s a start.  I always have to remember the goal is not for my word to be right, the goal is to listen to Jesus and share what I hear.  I have to be willing to share, no matter what the result.  If anything, he knows that Jesus loves and cares about him.  That was evident in his response.  I heard the co-workers talking about it afterward.  Interesting how encounters like that begin to stir conversations about God.

I know I want to make this an everyday lifestyle.  But in the future I also want to at least bring one person with me.  This is how Jesus did it.  He sent out the 12 in twos and then the 72 the same way.  I don’t want to just be used by Jesus, but I want to help others step into showing and telling who Jesus is.  This is the only way a naturally supernatural culture will be formed and where we will really see Jesus heal and set the people in our cities free.  Can’t wait to see what Jesus does next!  Jesus, I receive your Spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.




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