Monday at the Park

This past Monday I was out at Westside Park and thought I would just take some time to spend with Jesus, praying, reading, etc. It was really good. I then remembered that Eddie comes out there on Mondays and gives out free food and prays for people. I thought… hmmm… here’s a cool opportunity to let Jesus use me.

I went over and started to hang out with them. I volunteered to make the hot dogs. It was really cool to be out there. Eddie’s been doing this for about a year and there’s quite a community forming…very cool!

Eddie was talking to this one guy (probably early 20s) there who’s agnostic (believes there’s something there, but not God or Jesus). He was talking about how he liked drugs and how he was on them right then. I felt like Jesus wanted me to chime in at that point and I was like, what if God was better than the high you get from drugs. He didn’t really know how to respond to that question, but I pressed a little bit since I’ve experienced both, a drug high and a Jesus high. You could tell he was intrigued by the idea. Personally, I think drugs are just a counterfeit to what we experience in a life-giving relationship with Jesus.

A little later you could tell this guy was still thinking about this and he said to me, you know, someone gave me this Bible once and it said on it somewhere, It’s time to go on a Jesus-high! or something like that. He was starting to get very interested in that…you could see him thinking and he even said…hmmm… what if a Jesus high is better. Eddie then chimed in and talked about how “high” he feels after serving and praying for people like he’s doing now. I think there were some significant nudges toward Jesus with this guy.

The whole evening was pretty cool. We got to pray for many people. One girl that had been coming for a while, had never gotten prayer. We started to pray for this other woman and then she came over asked us for prayer. Cool! Eddie gave me some history and this was a huge breakthrough.

We also prayed for some healing for a few guys and the Holy Spirit was really powerful. Tears, a little shaking… that doesn’t always have to happen, but it’s cool when the Spirit is so strong people can’t contain him.

It was an awesome evening and I’m glad I was available to just partner with Jesus. Woo hoo!


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