Mexico Mission 2007 — part 2

praying for Nadia and Maria

DAY 3 (Wednesday)
Probably one of the most interesting days down in Mexico was Wednesday.  I wanted to get this written down now before I forget all the details.  😉  The day started out very similarly to Tuesday.  This day we went to the school to open the medical clinic and the mobile kitchen.  We served a lot of people that day.  One new thing we got to do was teach English.  They asked and 5 of us volunteered to teach English for their hour class.  It was interesting to say the least.  I tried to use some of the Berlitz method I used when I taught English in Germany.  That worked a little bit, but that method works much beter with a small group and I realized pretty early on that a group of 15 6th graders weren’t going to wait as one person answered questions.  🙂  Alecia and I had fun teaching them though.  Eventually we played simon says, chirades, and other games that helped them learn different words.  It was a cool day.

Later that afternoon some of us wanted to go to some of the other colonia’s (towns or neighborhoods) in Reynosa.  We decided to go visit the colonia we went to 2 years ago, closer to the US border.  It was a very powerful trip two years ago and several of us wanted to see what was going on there and if we could see anyone we knew.  Right away, when we first got there, Maria walked up to us.  I remembered her because we prayed for her and her daughter Nadia.  Two years ago Nadia was having some sort of epileptic seizure and we prayed for her, that God would heal her.  It was a powerful time of prayer, but unfortunately, Nadia did not come out of the seizure.  What was very strange during this prayer time was that there were several kids around us and watching us.  I noticed two of them looking at us with a very strange stare…kind of an eveil smirk on their faces.  One of the kids starting making noises, but it was not normal noises…it was very low and gutteral, like something he couldn’t produce.  It freaked me out, but I kept praying and tried to ignore it.  So this was 2 years ago, but ties into what happened next…

So when Maria walked up to us I recognized her and asked her about her daughter and how she was.  She said that her daughter had just had another seizure a minute or so ago.  I asked Maria if we could pray for her daughter again and she said yes and took us to her place.

She took us into her place and you could really feel a heaviness there, especially in Nadia’s room.  We talked with Nadia a little bit and then began to pray.  After a few prayed Maria began to pray.  Shortly after she started, Erin was suddenly thrust back, as if something jumped on her, and exhaled vocally and loudly.  She kind of stooped over a bit and then fell down on the floor.  (Yes, it was just like it was in a movie…there’s more.)  A few people stepped back to see if she was ok and when they helped her wake up, she began to throw up everywhere.  We were still praying during all of this and Maria, while still praying for her daughter, took some sweaters off of the shelf to wipe it up.  They eventually took Erin out of the house and we finished praying for Nadia.  Whew!  More on this later…

Afterwards, Maria started to explain her family situation and all the warfare that was going on and all the trouble they’ve been having with the family, with some blessings inbetween.  I’m thinking, warfare?  Yeah, I think we just saw some of that.

Maria asked if we would pray for her husband as well, who was across the street bedridden.  This was also powerful and the Holy Spirit was in there very powerfully.  Maria’s husband was very touched and kept just thanking God that He sent people to pray for him.  Afterwards, Eddie asked Maria for a list of her family members so we could pray for them specifically. 

On the ride home we debriefed about what happened to Erin.  We were all pretty sure that it was a demon that jumped on her somehow and she confirmed it and described what it was like.  Crazy?  Yes, but there’s more.

When we got back, Gatanya started to feel sick and she went up to bed.  After worship and prayer, a few of us went up to check on her and pray for her.  Along with the intense nausea, she said she felt this intense darkness and depression had come on her.  She couldn’t snap out of it.  She said, “I feel like if this house were on fire right now, I wouldn’t even care.”  As we started to pray for her, the darkness began to lift a little.  Something weird happened to me during this time…as someone else was praying, I would be scared out of the prayer, almost shocked out of it.  It was really strange.  I also began to feel some of the darkness. 

We decided to get everyone that was in Nadia’s room together and to pray over what was going on.  Dorothy began to pray for some of us and she said described how she sensed this blackness on some of us.  When she put her hands on my back and I felt this shutter go right through me.  I began to think of the family and began to cry…as she prayed through that I felt something lift off of me.  Woh!  What can I say, it was weird!  We then began to pray for the family specifically since we had the names (no coincidence).  After a bit we decided that we need to continue to pray for the family.

So that was Day 3.  Crazy huh?  It’s so vivid I’ve been able to remember lots of details even 2 months later.  Days 4 and 5 were also great, but not as eventful in spiritual realm, that we could tell anyway.  I look forward to returning next year to pray more for Maria, Nadia and her family.  I think God wants to bring healing and deliverance to that family.  They have suffered a lot. 

Well I’ve got some more to share so that’s it for this one!  🙂


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