Mexico Mission Trip 2007

We have one day left on our trip in Reynosa and so I wanted to write somethings down on the blog while it’s still fresh.  I will give a pretty brief recap since it’s so late, I have to get up early, and we will soon be driving another 26 hours to return to Champaign.

DAY 1 (Monday)
Went into Reynosa to setup the Mobile Kitchen and solidify the plans for the next few days.  We mostly talked to people and hung out.  We were only there a couple of hours.  Worship and Ministry this night were good as we prepared for the next day.

DAY 2 (Tuesday)
We setup the mobile kitchen and the medical clinic in a house that was still being built.  This colonia is a little more advanced than the one we visited two years ago.  Many of the houses are made of cement blocks here, something we barely saw two years ago.  I played with some of the kids for the first few hours or so and then I spent the rest of the day praying for people in the clinic.  Basically, the people would come in and get interviewed about what they needed to see the doctor for, they would be then see the doctor, get their meds, and before they left we offered to pray for them.  It seemed to be a really good system.

God showed up several times in the prayer times.  The Holy Spirit seemed to really touch the first woman we prayed for.  When we began to pray she started to really open up about what was going on.  The biggest stuff was about her son.  He was in a lot of trouble, in jail, doing drugs, etc.  God seemed to come in and really restore hope in her.  It was really cool to be used by God in that.

One interesting thing started to happen through the afternoon.  I kept asking God for words for people while they were seeing the doctor and I started to hear Spanish words.  The first one I thought I would give it a shot and ask someone if it made sense.  It was something like cadara or carada… something like that.  Weird, I know… but hey, got to give it a shot.  I asked Kyle what it meant and he asked one of the residents there, but it didn’t mean anything.  I was like oh well, I guess that’s not working or how God was trying to speak to me.  But then the last family we prayed for, I looked over at her as she was talking to the doctor and I got the word fuente.  Then I asked Kyle if that meant anything and he said it did…it means fountain.  So I was like hmmm… well, God, what would you like me to do with that.  He gave me a few thoughts so I just held onto that until we prayed for her.

We first started praying for her mother, who has diabetes.  I started to really feel the Holy Spirit doing something there so I decided to pray for the daughter, the one I got the word for in Spanish.  So I asked Alecia to translate.  I said when I looked at her I saw the word fuente, or fountain, and I felt like God was saying that he was going to pour out his blessings on her and it’s going to flow like a fountain.  I also felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to tell her that He hears her prayers and sees her heart…He sees that she has a good heart and it makes him smile.  That was about it.  I could tell that God was doing something throughout all of it and that she was receiving the words.  She began to smile in the middle of that somewhere and then starting thanking God for letting her know that He hears her.  She began crying and praying out to God, the mother begain praying with her, and we just were kind of enveloped in God’s presence for about 10 minutes.  It was really cool to see God move like that.  I know she left encouraged and again, it was so awesome.

Well… it’s late… and there’s more, but I need to sleep.  Day 3 and 4 will come soon…

peace out


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