a cool time and the Times Center

I just spent the evening at the Times Center, which is the men’s homeless shelter in Champaign.  Every Tuesday night a small group meets there to talk about God and what’s going on in our lives.  I’ve been going there a couple of months and one of the first times I went there, there was this guy that stood out to me.  I won’t mention his name since this is so public, but I just knew Jesus was doing something with him.  Most nights he would just sit there silently, not saying a word.  A few times I talked to the guy or went to the center to eat with him and hang out.  I just knew there was something going on…that Jesus was leading him closer to him.  I’ve said phrases like “God’s all over him” with similar people.

Well, this week, something happened in his life that made him open up.  Again, I’ll stay vague, but someone that he thought would write him off did the opposite and said they would go to church and pray for him.  That hit him and when he came in tonight, we were talking about faith.  One of the stories we looked was Job’s story, where basically everything that could go wrong and happen did happen to Job.  But Job stayed faithful to God through it all. 

Well, this guy opened up through that story and shared where he was, and what was going on.  What was cool was that he was so real.  He said I’m not going to follow Jesus unless I really am going to do it.  Man, I relate to that so much.  Through all of that dialogue I felt like God wanted me to encourage him that he did have good character, integrity and honesty, and that I respect him for waiting till he’s sure.  Basically, your yes is yes and your no is no.

By the end of the night he decided to say Jesus, I want to follow you and start this journey again.  It was awesome!  It’s so cool to see God work like that and get to be part of it and partner with Jesus!  My time at the Times Center has been so rich…so cool…Jesus is cool, that’s one thing I have to say.  The guys there are just like me, just like all of us, no difference at all.  I think I’ve always thought that, but I now I know it.  🙂

You can also see this posting on the Godsearch Blog: http://www.godsearch.org/blog


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