thanksgiving 2006

Here's a story

I had a fun Thanksgiving this year. We went to my friend Holly’s family’s place…We had some great food and fun times with the pogo stick.  You can click on the photo to see the album. 🙂  The pictures tell it all! 🙂 

Below is a picture from All Campus Worship. Click on the picture for the photo album. 🙂

All Campus Worship

A month or so ago I was asked to coordinate this semester’s All Campus Worship, where students, professors, etc., get together to worship. It’s put on by the Evangelical Christian Union (ECU), which is made up of leaders from all the different Christian campus organizations that come together once a month to meet each other and pray together. I’ve been going for the last several months and it’s pretty cool. Well, they also have a guest speaker come in for this and we suggested Don Williams, who is one of the theologians in the Vineyard. He’s an awesome speaker and even though he had limited time to speak, he did a great job.  Another cool thing was that the place was packed…there were about 1400 people there and the place hold about 1600. It was cool to worship and lead worship with so many people. Below is a pic of the auditorium we were in.

 Foellinger Auditorium

This past weekend (Nov. 18), I also officiated my first wedding. 🙂 That was cool. My friend JR and Leann got married. I don’t have a lot of photos from that yet, but here’s one at the reception. I’ll hopefully get some more soon! 

Aubs and Me

I have to say that it was really cool to marry two of my close friends. I’m so honored they asked me and that they were the first ones. 🙂 It was a very cool evening!


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