it’s never too late

The longer time goes on the longer I think, wow, there’s just so much to write that I won’t bother updating my blog. So I’ve decided that’s a bunch of grapes so I’m going to update anyway…

Needless to say, life is good and busy and exciting and challenging… all at the same time. I’ve been learning to walk in the role as a pastor and the more I do it, the more I see God use me and confirm that this is right. I won’t say it isn’t challenging and surprisingly lonley, but it’s so worth it. I remember those days without purpose, being so confused about who I was, what I was doing with my life, so concerned with things that didn’t really matter… I still struggle with that (struggling with things that don’t matter), but I’m much more aware of it now and able to accept the Holy Spirit’s guidance in it. Interesting how when your life is rocked by God, all your perspectives change. I love that.

This week has been kind of rough. Some disappointments, disappointing others… I kind of feel drained, which I don’t really like. Who does, really. I’m trying to figure out why, but I’m not really sure. We had a baptism service on sunday night last week and it was awesome. 8 people were baptized and 4 shared their stories. Powerful! How awesome it is to hear Jesus really changing people’s lives… delivering them from so much darkness. I know it, I’ve been there, but wow… it was a great night. I’ll post some pics soon about that.

I think though, because it was such a powerful evening, the enemy doesn’t like that. A few people mentioned to me that they had really rough days in the beginning of the week. I was still fine and then Wednesday evening… Wham! Since then, it’s been strange. I’m coo, but feel out of place lately.

I really like the site design from the other parts of my site. This is the design from WordPress… I somehow need to make my own template so I can use my site with it… However, that takes time! Raise your hand… who has time! πŸ™‚ Most of you probably know how this is. This was a nice little digression from the other subject. πŸ™‚

Well… let’s see… since I posted last my job as the young adult pastor has become more stable. They took the interim away sometime in July, I believe, and I will be in this role till next August (and beyond). What I like about what God’s teaching me in this time in my life is that every position/role you are in, He puts you there. And so, by no making of my own, I’m learning how to hold everything I’m given with open hands. I feel like what I’m learning, the things I’m doing, the lives I’m impacting, are all coming from simple acts of obedience. It’s pretty profound cause I never would’ve thought of that, or probably been able to think up this method on my own. In the singing world, where I came out of, you grasped for things, hoping to get a job from the audition. If you got the job, you held on tight and ran with it. You were always searching for the next job, always wondering where the next gig would come from, networking, auditioning, constantly pushing to get ahead.

Now, life is not like that at all. And since I had learned to get jobs and do life that way, Jesus chose a very interesting way to put me where he wanted me and has helped me to let go of status, fighting for the next job, all of that stuff… Pretty cool. Well, that’s all for now. πŸ™‚ Until the next time…


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