am I cursed?

Kind of a joke, but am I? We had a huge storm on Sunday night (click above to see more pics). Many of the surrounding cities had tornados, and we definitely had the sirens going off, but I think mostly we had huge winds. I don’t know how strong the winds were, but they were strong enough to blow down these trees. So I wonder if I’m cursed because just 3 weeks ago, my whole room was infested with ants… hundreds of them all over… and now, 2 big trees fall on my room. Interesting. Surprisingly, we didn’t lose power even though the meter and poll were ripped off the house and the power lines are all over the yard.

But… the saga continues… the power company came by today and clipped the wires and then left, shutting off the power… nice! So… here I am at my friend’s place, Roger and Jackie, until we get power.

The good news? Well, God’s wired me in a way that this kind of stuff is adventurous to me and it’s really not bothering that much… so all is well. Or I’m in denial… either way, it’s cool. πŸ™‚


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