miscellaneous tidbits

so… earlier today I came home and my room was infested with Ants, all over my window, up the wall, on the floor. I sprayed Raid everywhere and then had to leave to go to church. So now here I sit, dead ants everywhere so that landlord can see the infestation, and I’m itchy… every few seconds I scratch thinking there’s an ant crawling on me… Oh, to live at the Ghetto Chateau, as we fondly call it. I hope I can sleep πŸ˜‰

Tonight, I preached a sermon on worry at the young adult gathering, 703. I feel like I communicated what was on my heart well. God is just cool. People really engaged tonight and that was awesome to see. I want to see Jesus transform lives, set people free, and think there was some of that happening tonight. Chris Hanstad and the worship team rocked it tonight. It’s great to see things coming together.

I’ve recently taken over managing the Vineyard Worship Midwest website (www.vineyardworshipmidwest.org). I made the connection while at Estes Park and told the regional task force leader, Dave Fife, that I could help out, if needed. It’s a cool site, nice design, uses CSS solely, which is cool.

well… that’s all the tidbits I have so far I think…

peace out dawgs…


2 thoughts on “miscellaneous tidbits

  1. Hey Daniel! Wish I could have heard your sermon…and sorry to hear about those ants…I really don’t like ants! Just letting you know that I am preparing to do my public profession of faith at my church. I am attending classes with my pastor each week and will do the profession on Easter Sunday…God is doing some great things in my life.

    Love ya!


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