so as I was sitting with some of my friends tonight we started talking about lent. some of us hadn’t really decided to give up anything and some of us had… so we decided to make a pact and give things up and hold each other to it. i’m giving up all beverages except water. whew! i already drink a lot of water, but to drink nothing but that should be interesting. i wanted something really hard so that i can pray during those times i want something other than water, which will most likely be often. some of us are also going to fast together, which should be cool.

tonight i had some good prayer at vlt. someone prayed that god would bring me to the end of myself so that i would depend on nothing but him. other good things were prayed. it was good. god was in it… the holy spirit was there… pretty cool. jesus pretty much rocks it.


2 thoughts on “lent

  1. I miss having an excuse to go to VLT…

    I know I already said congrats about getting offered the position at the church, but congrats again anyway. I hope the transition is as smooth as possible.

  2. I’m glad vlt was good for you last night…like mark, I don’t really have an official reason to go anymore either.

    That’s awesome that you gave up all drinks but water for Lent. I fasted coffee for 1 day a couple weeks ago, and it was difficult – as in I had a massive nauseating headache by the end of the day. So I hope God will do cool things during this time of Lent.

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