estes park 2006

Estes Park 2006 -- Vineyard Worship Retreat

Last week I want to the Vineyard national worship leader retreat in Estes Park Colorado. It was a really awesome time… so beautiful there, awesome times of worship and reconnecting with God. It was cool to meet and hang out with worship leaders from other vineyards. Brian Doerksen also showed up unexpectedly and led us in worship and gave a really cool talk. It was really awesome.

So what did I learn? Not sure yet… I still need to seek God about some stuff. I really connected with a word someone had about being able to see with God’s eyes.


See pics of the trip by clicking here.

ps: I’m also getting sick so please say a prayer… too much staying up late and getting up early in Colarado…


2 thoughts on “estes park 2006

  1. Hey! Really enjoyed your pics, they took me right back there. I am still savoring the whole experience of the worship was truly awesome. Hope you are better, I got sick after I got home; John from Dillon did also. Thanks for sharing (the pics.) Don from Bozeman.

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