(there are many things going on right now that I’ve wanted to write about, but this topic is kind of interesting to me right now, so I’m writing about this)

So we hung out Bubniaks this evening. Their place is awesome! They have theme rooms and stuff… pretty cool.

So we played the game mafia tonight, which is a really fun game, but creates some interesting dynamics amongst friends. If you’ve never played it… basically there are towns people and mafia… mafia have the advantage and try to kill off the towns people before they get killed off. Uplifting? Yeah, I know… but it’s a lot fun, and it is just a game…. but….

The interesting part is as the mafia in the game, you basically have to be good at lying and tricking people into believing you’re not mafia. So now can you can see why it creates a weird dynamic, when we’re all friends, trying to follow Jesus, and yet we’re playing a game that practices stuff you don’t want to do with your friends in real life.

You also get shocked at how well your friends can lie, which doesn’t really break your trust with them, but it does make you feel a little weird once you find out. I think I lucked out tonight cause I was never the mafia so I didn’t have to go through that part.

I just think it’s interesting psychologically too cause you can’t really remove your real relationship with the people there, even though it’s game. So tonight, during the last game, I changed my mind at the last minute, against my gut instinct, because my friend seemed so sincere… but… they were mafia. Ha!

Anyway, kind of random thoughts… bottom line? a fun game to play every once in a while… definitely not a game to play a lot of… I don’t think it really fosters relationship, fellowship, trust, or most of the things one wants to experience in community.



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