my birthday

the chair... oh yeah

So birthday has come and passed. For some reason I wasn’t so thrilled about celebrating it. I got a card from my mom that said: “A birthday is a good time for us to pause and reflect on days gone by… and what is yet to be!” It was a good reminder to me what the day is about. Maybe I’ll go into the specifics sometime, but not right now. So… some awesome friends got together and got me a perfect gift, as you see pictured above. It’s great… if you don’t know what it is… it’s a massage chair… not just any massage chair though… it’s the one with kneading rollers that go up and down your back. Aw yeah…. I love it… right now it’s covered with my clean laundry so I can’t use it… and plus, it’s 2:55am… AHHHHHHHHHHH! late… I just got home from Finals Food at Vineyard. Sooo… a special thanks to dot dot dot

The Bubniaks
Danimal Griffin
The Carlyles
and The Habels

I love the gift and you are guys are awesome to bless me with it. peace.


3 thoughts on “my birthday

  1. Well, you’ve been on my heart for weeks. Don’t know why, but I’ve offered you up several times. He knows! That’s all that counts. His safety-net is huge, and has no holes in it! πŸ™‚

    Gosh, you were vacationing close to Drue and Amy in Mt. Airy. Their household is c r a z y just now with two year old twins! E

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