the climbing trip — belay on sucka!

Me on my first climb of the trip.

So I went on my first ever climbing trip a month ago today. I finally got the pics back from a disposable camera so I wanted to wait till I could post them. It was an awesome trip. I can’t believe how much I like climbing. The first two climbs were pretty hard. Both Matt and I had never been before and we were kind of the guinea pigs for a bigger trip Dan & Dan were taking over Thanksgiving. I finally got to the top of the 3rd climb and it was awesome! It’s amazing how much strength it takes, although, as I found out later, one needs to use their legs more or the arms get tired too fast. It will definitely give me more incentive to work out the forearms… whew!

Anyway, below is the link to the pics from the trip. The captions are not the normal Gou thoughts… well… some of them are… πŸ˜‰ I don’t know why I liked climbing so much, but I did. Just being the outdoors, and the accomplishment of getting to the top… like butter… like a big stick of butter…

Click here for photos!

peace out


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