hoerr family extravaganza

A Lost Party

Today I went to the Hoerr’s for Thanksgiving. I don’t have a picture from it so I put one of the pics from a Lost Party from a few weeks ago. The Carlyle’s were at the Hoerr’s too. It was cool hangin with their huge family. Food was awesome. Ya know it’s good when eat so much it hurts… that would be me today. Yet… I’m hungry now… hmmm. Today was also a momentus ocassion for the Hoerr family. Why, you ask? Well, today was the first Holiday gathering with wine and beer. That’s right, and I was there. I actually had some pretty good homemade wine that someone gave Ben. I dunno what Phil Habel would say about it, but it did have some good legs on it. πŸ˜‰

It was really cool being around such a big family and to see how much fun they have together… catching up, teasing… makes me want to have something like that someday. I didn’t really have a huge sense of family when I was growing up. I mean we had dinner and stuff together and people over during the holidays, but most of my huge family lives in Canada. I dunno… so many thoughts run through my head during these times… too many to share on this thing, I think.

I talked to my mom today and she updated me on all the family drama. She said my Aunty Betty (my mom’s sister) asked if I was still involved in church and stuff like that. My mom said yes, and Aunty Betty told her to ask me to pray for her. Sometimes… well… not sometimes… I wish that somehow, someway, my family could see what I’ve found in my life… not church, not even the purpose I’ve found (which is awesome)… but that Jesus is real, he heals, he’s more than this idea… I dunno… it seems like that could never really happen, not with me being so far away with hardly any interaction. One thing I do know is that Jesus is asking me to pray for my family. I think I just hear about all the crap going on and it’s really discouraging. All the trying to fill the void, the emptiness, with other things… I’ve been there… I know…

So… it’s hard to be thankful when you are overwhelmed by the crappy stuff going on around you but when I think about it, I have so much to be thankful for. I think I’m going to just list some things:

  • Jesus pulling me out of emptiness
  • My mom showing me Jesus throughout my life, espeically my childhood
  • Finally walking in my skin, finding what I was meant to do
  • The awesome friends Jesus has given me… friends that know all of my junk, and accept me and love me anyways
  • there’s more, but I’m tired… πŸ™‚ to be continued…


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