So some friends and I recently want back to junior high and went roller skating. Good times… Well, not really junior high, but we were surrounded by it. Those were the days. Junior High was probably the worst stage in my life… very formative years, and some not so good things…. but that’s another story.

Leann had some free passes and took us. Thanks Leann! It really was fun. I started to get my groove on a little as you see above. Although, everytime I started to say, hey, look at me, I almost bit it. It was funny. Here are the pics of the night… Enjoy!

Click for die Photos


One thought on “skateland

  1. You defintely made me laugh with the commments on your pictures… I am SO glad that people are going to get to see me at my worst… BUT I LOVED the ones of Leann and JR (the dating ones) HILARIOUS! We had such a great time!

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