an update from the Gou-life

Me and Leann at a Lost Party

Well, here I go again… just wrote this post and accidentally hit the side button on my mouse… gone! Oh well, here I go again. I just received something in my mailbox that is spawning me to write an update, mostly for those people that don’t see me a lot and are like, huh? But for all the others too… here we go:

Vineyard Leader InstituteI received a diploma in my box this weekend and so I am now an official graduate of the Vineyard Leadership Institute. Nice! It was really a great program… awesome theological and biblical classes, good classes on leadership. I definitely learned a lot. I got a bit burned out toward the end, but I finished it nonetheless. πŸ™‚ I think I was mainly burned cause I started this 2 year program right after I had finished my masters. It was definitely God leading me to do it though. And now I’m done! πŸ™‚ Whew!

So What Are You Doing Now?
Good question, Daniel… really good question. Thanks… thanks…

Well, I finished my internship in August and the Vineyard offered me a full time position as the IT/Webmaster for the church. I really like the job and I’m learning lots of new things with networking, graphic design, etc. I really feel like God’s favor is on me and my finances, even though a month ago I was freaking out about them. I feel like I’m really starting to trust that He’s going to provide for me.

Since I found out about the full time position in August, I felt I couldn’t just leave IWU hangin so I scaled back some more and now I’m teaching there once a week. Although, it makes for about a 60 hour work week, it’s definitely manageable.

I’m also continuing the worship stuff for the young adult service, overseeing the bands and tech stuff. It’s really awesome where God has me right now, what he’s teaching me, what he’s showing he wants me to do with my life. I like it… a lot.

so what are you going to be doing the future?
And yet another good question Sir Gou… why thank you, thank you very much

Well, I’m praying about going on a church plant to West Lafayette (that means to start a new church) or staying here in Champaign. That’s pretty much all I want to say about that until I get more confirmation. God’s showing me lots of stuff he wants me to do… it’s awesome. I’ve never experienced purpose like this in my life… it’s pretty much awesome…. did I just say that again? Yes, yes I did… and yes, yes it is! So now I just want to be clear where he wants me to do it and I’m waiting to hear more.

Well, I just got back from a brief climbing trip, which was amazing, but I’m waiting for pictures first before I post about it. peace…


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