breathe festival

So I’m finally writing about the Breathe Festival that I went to in Columbus towards the end of July (Click on the picture above for the photos of the trip, or here). It’s interesting because at first I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to it, and even when I decided to go, I wasn’t that excited about going. I felt like God was telling me to go so I did. And… as is usually the case when I doubt something and God tells me to do it anyway… the festival was awesome. Not only did I experience a real re-connection with Jesus and was able to really let go and worship, but one speaker, Jay Pathak, a church planter in Colarado, radically changed my view about following Jesus. He seemed to strip away all things we want to add to following Jesus–methods, procedures, how to say things, what to do–and bring it back to what this life is about. It’s about Jesus, it’s about finding him, following him… it’s not about being a Christian… what is that? what does it mean to people? Christian and Christianity doesn’t really mean in our society what it’s supposed to mean. I’m not a Christian, I follow Jesus, and when I follow Jesus, judgement falls away, I accept everyone where they are, I believe that Jesus loves them where they are… I can’t change anyone, but I can try to love them like Jesus does, and he will do the rest… It’s interesting how perspectives change when truth cuts through the culture…

I guess that’s all I kind of deep, but Jesus really spoke to me there. I realized again how much I want to worship him forever. I received prayer several times there and so many things were confirmed… how Jesus will use my story powerfully, how Jesus is asking me to step out and help people find healing… I love how God speaks through people, telling them things they couldn’t have known about me and then encouraging me further in those directions. Prophecy, it ain’t just a river in Egypt. πŸ™‚

I’m gonna put links here to the talks because they were all great… but if you have to choose one, I would choose Session 2 from Jay Pathak… then I would choose Session 3, also with Jay Pathak… then Session 1 with Erick Pickrill, which was also awesome! Here they are:

Breathe Festival ’05: GO! – Main Session Talks

Session1, Eric Pickerill
Session2, Jay Pathak
Session3, Jay Pathak
Session5, Tom & Christine Sine
Session6, Julia Pickerill

I don’t know how long those will be at those links so if you can’t get them, let me know and I can upload them.

So what’s the final verdict? I want everything I do to be about pointing to Jesus. I have no reason to hide what he’s done in my life and I have no reason to do anything else in my life unless it points to Jesus. Not something easy to do, but that’s what I want my life to be about, not just cause he’s delivered and freed me from so many addictions and bad choices, but because this is who he’s created me to be. Maybe that’s cliche, but alas… it’s true. Peace out homies!


One thought on “breathe festival

  1. Hey, great post. I live in columbus but don’t go to the vineyard. Sounds like you had a great experiance with God. I have just been learning the same message you talked about. May he keep you following him.

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