The Longest Post Ever!!!

Well… It’s been a long long long time since I’ve posted anything. Crazy how time flies and crazy how much has gone on since I last posted. I seem to not have much time to do things online solely for myself lately. Everytime I am online, I am doing web work for the church… that’s right, you heard it hear first. Thanks to my very very close friend Emily Hoerr, I have lots of pictures to post to go along with what’s been going on. So…

habels (19k image)

That’s basically how the summer started out. My good friends, the Habels, invited a bunch of us over for pizza and sangria. It was great start to the summer, nice and relaxing.

Pretty much… this summer is about building close friendships and being open and vulnerable with them. I see how God is wanting to use this time to change me and to begin to use my past to help others. Below are some of my closest friends I’ve been hanging out with. It’s been really cool to stay up late, share stuff at 5 till 3, pray… it’s been awesome.

f4 (30k image)

I love these guys above… I coined us the Final Four one night cause it seemed that every time there was some kind of gathering, we would would be the final four still there, hanging out till 2 or 3 in the morning… fun times, Cheers. We don’t seem to hang out as much together anymore, which makes me sad at times… change moves fast around here. But we 4 are taking a trip down to FL together soon and that should be really cool!!!

Ride it!

4th of July was pretty fun, as you can see by my riding the horse above! This was in Meijer… now don’t you wish you were there? It was a big hang out weekend for all! I made crepes for everyone in the morning, as any good American would do on the 4th… I’m so patriotic… Vive la France! You can see my flippin crepe action below—->

Crepe de la crepe!

We did all kinds of stuff on the 4th, including Karaoke… that’s right. Leann is the Queen of it… Below we’re singing a duet… good times at the Ghetto Chateau…

La la la la

to walmart

We also took a trip to Walmart. Above you see Adam and I posing with the Girl’s Confidence Suit. Weird, but hey… that’s Walmart! I’m confident, how bout you?

This summer is definitely about change for me. So many things happening at once… God’s really showing me so many things about myself, and who He wants me to be. He wants me to start using my testimony, which is really cool. God’s guidance has been so cool in the last 3 years. Just looking back and seeing who He put in my life, who He’s put in my life now… it’s cool. Some of the change is hard though. I feel like some of the friendships I began to build at the beginning of the summer are not going to be as close as I thought (this has already been changing since I wrote this… you see my update has been taking too long and God moves fast!). Close is kind of a vague word, but I guess I mean friends that share everything with each other and will be friends for a long time. One thing that is really cool is that my friends over the last 3 years have been awesome, but it seems we are always in flux, moving here and there, and it’s so hard to stay close that way. I’m still friends with those friends, but it’s not the same when you live in the same place, or close to. All this to say that I’ve never experienced what I’m experiencing now: a group of friends that I’m going deep with and instead of moving away from each other, we will all be moving away to the same place (on a church plant). Sounds like a God thing to me. I’ve never had these type of friendships, ones that will stay constant like it seems they might.

This update is so long it’s taking me a few days to complete. Well, maybe I should say the time I have to work on it are very short. God is good… that’s all I can say. I love how he calls people to be in relationship with each other and continue to dig deep, say the hard things, be vulnerable… pretty cool!

Bonfire buds

Interesting picture? Yes, that’s right… this is my roomates and I doing the prom picture pose. Adam and I went to pick up Dan for 4th of July weekend to surprise his girlfriend. When we went to pick him up, we weren’t paying attention in a construction zone and ended up an hour in the wrong direction… so a 3 hour drive turned into a 6 hour drive… good times. It was fun anyway though. πŸ™‚

Last weekend, we had a Young Adult Cookout. It was kind of rainy day, but it stopped just in time. It was good to meet some new people and hang out. The Yound Adult Community is trying to more events with the yound adults in the wider church, ones that don’t attend the yound adult service.
Emily, Me, Becky, and Adam

In deep conversation with AC

Me and Emily

The rest of the photos are just random things throughout the summer. This update has taken me so long, that I don’t want to wait this long again! πŸ™‚

A big small group slumber party

Ok… I just look scary in this next picture…

Back to the Jive... you know you wanna a boombox

Hmmmm... this food is good


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