Small Group Retreat 2005

Last week I went on a hiking retreat with some small group members so it was 2 Dans, Terry and A-Dam Morrison. We went to the Smokies! It was really cool! We hiked about 8-10 miles per day, did a New Testament Blitz (well, I didn’t really do well with that one… reading), had some good devotional time, talks and prayer, and saw some awesome sites.

On Tuesday while we were hiking there was a bear walking right towards us on the trail. It was pretty cool… I had just enough time to take a picture before Dan clapped his hands and it ran away.

On Wednesday we decided to try and climb to the highest point in the Smokies. We started out by hiking up waterfalls and then started up the mountain making our own path. It was challenging, but fun. We almost made it half-way and decided to head back so we could be there before dark. It was cool anyway.

“Sometimes I don’t like writing Blogs… I think it’s crap.” Val thought I should write what I just said. She says, “That’s keeping it real.” πŸ™‚ So there it is… in all it’s splendor.

Well, back to the retreat… πŸ˜‰ Here’s the album of the trip! Enjoy!

Peace our diggity-dawg!


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