Mexico Mission Day 2

Van ride into Reynosa Mexico

Today, we went into the very poor parts of Reynosa to waterproof houses, serve lunch, pray for the residents… The poverty there is severe. It’s difficult to really connect with how it is to live in that envirmonment. Most of the residents are cheerful, and like yesterday, have great commumity and love for each other and are very welcoming. This is their way of life.

We spent the majority of the morning waterproofing their houses with some tarps and ply-wood. The afternoon we setup the lunch wagon and made and served lunch. I made the kool-aid. πŸ˜€

There’s so much I want to write about this trip. Tony suggested sitting down and journaling our feelings during this trip. I really want to do that. It’s hard to find time though, even in the evenings… I just want to hang out with people.

We’ve had some really powerful ministry and worship the past two nights. We’re really bonding and opening up to each other. I love how God works. Relationships is the key. Lots of random thoughts here, but it is kind of random here right now… in a good way. Doing God’s stuff is really cool!

Below is an album of pics and videos from today:

Click here for album


2 thoughts on “Mexico Mission Day 2

  1. D-Gou, I just looked at all the pics and watched the video clips. It looks like you guys are doing God’s work there. Remember, stick with the bottled water. πŸ™‚

    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Hi, IΒ΄m Mexican, and well i lived at Reynosa 3 years…

    I used to go some church there where some mission teams helps to poor people and talk about god… i liked a lot.. it is good to help.

    Now i donΒ΄t live there… but i always have in my heart something about… help…and go other places…


    god bless people like you

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