Jeanne’s destruction

hurricanejeanne (109k image)

I just think it’s crazy how many hurricanes have hit FL this year. Ususally, we get a big one every 3 or 4 years, but 4 in one year is nuts! I used to tell people, oh yeah, we get hurricanes but they never really hit Daytona Beach. This year, most of them have either hit Daytona or went right next to it. When I was searching the weather on the internet, I came across this photo of a gas station after Hurricane Jeanne. When I looked closely, I realized that this is where I used to catch this bus in elementary school and I used to live right behind this place! Crazy huh?


One thought on “Jeanne’s destruction

  1. Hey Daniel…I hope the hurricanes didn’t damage your mom’s house, and that she is okay, forgot to ask you that the other day when I had you on the phone…

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