My New Guitar! A God thing…

My New Guitar

So a new friend of mine, Bill McElhaney, walks into the church a few months ago and feels like God is telling him to get me a new guitar, an electric/acoustic so I didn’t have to use a pickup with my acoustic. At this point I don’t even think I knew Bill. So he begins to scheme a plan to raise money to buy me a new guitar! Of course, I have no idea this is going on. As part of the plan, Bill asks me to go to Indy with him to help him pick out a guitar for a friend. I thought it would be fun trip so I said sure, having no idea that this was part of the plot. About a week and half ago, Bill comes up to me and tells me the whole thing… that he’s been raising money to buy me a new guitar for the last 3 months and today is the day. I was floored, started to tear up. I really couldn’t believe it. This was like those stories that Jeff Heidkamp would tell when people would give him a guitar or a truck! God is so good! It’s amazing to have a church family like this. And this is only a taste. God, thanks for where you have me! ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “My New Guitar! A God thing…

  1. It’s amazing how God works in our lives!!
    As I was reading your latest blog I was getting goose bumps just picturing all of this:) God works in mysterious ways and I just love hearing how he works in each and everyone of our lives.
    If any deserves a new guitar I’m sure that it’s you Daniel.
    Have fun with your new guitar and make sure you buy a case for this new one!!
    God Bless, xo

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