Hurricane Frances… please pray!

Hurricaned Frances

It seems there are Hurricanes all over Florida this year! Hurricane Frances is heading right for Florida and probably will hit very close to the Daytona Beach area, if not right on it. This is where my Mom lives! Please pray for my family’s safety and the safety of everyone in Florida. It’s strange, but a part of me get’s all excited when things like this happen, big storms, etc. But I know how devastating these storms can be, and that’s not exciting. My mom’s work is telling her that she has to come in during the Hurricane if she’s scheduled, which is crazy! She’s a rehab. nurse, which in some ways makes sense that they would need her. Please pray for that situation also! Thanks!!!


One thought on “Hurricane Frances… please pray!

  1. My mom and I are evacuating Florida and from what my Mother has told me it sounds as though everyone has left volusia county.
    I can’t believe that your Mom has to go into work!! That’s insane!! I left Tampa this morning and my Mom and I are actually on our way right now to Chicago, IL.
    As I pray for everyone back home I will include the safety of your Mom and the rest of your family. Seems as though all we can do is pray and turn it over to God.
    God Bless…Nancy

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