Here I sit…

This is the size plane, a 747, that I flew over in
So here I sit in London’s Airport… πŸ™‚ I got here and found out my flight to Munich was cancelled! So… here I sit waiting for a total of 6 hours to for my next flight. I’m glad there’s wireless internet available here! Anyway, now that I’ve eaten, I’m not as cranky (It is 4:41AM, 10:41 here in London). It’s good to be on my way to Germany and join in on what’s God is doing there.

What do I think of British Airways? Well, let’s just say my thought life has been bad toward them since I checked in and they refused to let me carry my guitar on. I had to check it, which can be really bad for them. Of course, right after that I see a guy carrying his guitar on the same flight! I think one challenge I’m finding so far on this trip is how to be a firm, assertive but kind Christian. Honestly, it’s very easy for me to be firm and assertive, but I seem to naturally have attitude that goes with it. And in the past, that has served me well. But things are different now as my heart changes. Maybe I’m just seeing that many of the things we are assertive about are selfish. I dunno… I’m rambling. πŸ™‚ But I guess this is what this thing is for, right? So… what’s the solution. Jesus was definitely firm and assertive, and he’s the model. I guess the difference is that Jesus was firm and assertive within God’s will. So where does being able to get your guitar on as a carry on fit into this… seems pretty trivial to me. So maybe the answer is it’s just a guitar and stop worrying about material things? Could be… but this is a $300 guitar, what happens when I have a $800 guitar someday… maybe nothing changes. As the character Saul Rosenberg would say… “ooh… it’s all very, very confusing” Well, I’ll write more interesting stuff soon. Can’t wait to get to Deutchland! Ach so! Ich muss mein Deutch ΓΌben. Veilleicht werde ich all mein Blog auf Deutch schreiben. Ha ha! See ya!


2 thoughts on “Here I sit…

  1. Your flight to Munich was cancelled?! Holy cow! Glad you finally made it.

    Hey, maybe God will use the evil British Airways to destroy your guitar on the way back so that God can show you His grace by blessing you with that $800 guitar.

    It’s just a thought… πŸ™‚

  2. I would say get a good case… no SKB… but for a $300 guitar it might not be worth getting a $500 case.

    Some quick googling turned up the a few interesting links and info:

    There may or may not exist any ATA approved guitar cases. If they do exist, they’re likely to cost in the $400 – $700 range.

    I looked at the website of Calton Cases, which I also saw mentioned elsewhere. Despite the praises and high cost, they didn’t look like "real" cases to me. These look much better:

    Unfortunately the few times I’ve seen acoustic guitars at Cornerstone I haven’t paid close attention to what cases they use. If I see anything in the future I’ll let you know.

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