(see appendix)

Well, I’ve had an interesting few days. On Wednesday after eating lunch, I kind of felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t really think anything of it, but that evening my stomach was still upset. As the evening went on the pain moved and became more intense on my lower right abdomen. When I started to feel even more sick to my stomach, I thought I would look up the symptoms to appendicitis, since I knew it was located in the lower right. Sure enough, I had the right symptoms… nausea, feeling of upset stomach that moves to lower right, no pain on left side… After consulting the symptoms, doing the cough test, and praying, I decided to go to the ER at 12:30am. Sure enough, after 4 hours of testing, I had appendicitis! Can you believe it?!? Of course, my insurance just ran out 4 days ago. I went in for emergency surgery that morning at 6am, and through laparoscopy (click for pictures of the procedure), they removed my appendix. The surgery was a success and I am now home recovering. I do have some pain, mostly when I sneeze or cough, but the drugs help. πŸ™‚ Thankfully, there is a program through the hospital that will assist with some of the medical costs. I know it will be a lot.

This was a good time to depend on God. It was interesting that as I prayed about going to the hospital, I felt God saying I need to go. While waiting the ER for the tests, I felt like God was saying I did have appendicitis and this is where I need to be. And I felt Him saying that everything would be ok. So what was cool was that He was a constant throughout it all. That may be weird or strange to some, but it is what it is and I thank Him for his abiding presence!

Please send your prayers for my recovery and my finances. Thanks!


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