Worship and Vineyard Website

Well, as always these days, a lot has been going… some cool stuff. πŸ™‚ I had my friend Roger take some pics of me leading worship a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes I wonder how and why God has led me into leading others into worship. Maybe that seems like a strange question to most because my background and training is in music. But from my perspective, the singing world, especially the classical singing world, is very focused on self-glorifying and impressing others, among other things. This is not always a dominant trait in singers, but in my experience it is, and I recount many times that I focused on these things. When Jesus and His truth make an impact in your life, and you realize what life is really all about, these self-absorbing attributes begin to show their true colors. Christ showed me the truth and has brought me out of that mindset. He’s already working on this aspect in other areas of my life. I feel so blessed that Christ has shown me these things in my life, has humbled me before him, and has built me back up in His strength so that I may lead others to glorify His name. It’s overwhelming. I still sometimes have those prideful thoughts, but Christ’s truth is always there showing me the right path. One thing I do know… it’s only for Him and by Him.

Roger and I finally finished the new Vineyard Website this past weekend. We’re still tweeking it a bit, but we’re hoping that it will be much more resourceful and user-friendly for people. Click on the screenshot to check it out!


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