The Passion

So many people are talking about the Passion of the Christ that it almost seems redundant to talk about it on my Blog, but I will. πŸ˜‰ I went to see the Passion a little over a week ago and it was very intense. I’ve heard of many stories throughout the world of communities reenacting the crucifixion, which at the time I thought was extreme, but after seeing this movie, and the impact of sitting through 45 minutes of torture, knowing that this really happened, I can understand how watching or reenacting this redemptive act is important or maybe even crucial to see. I’ve been so desensitized by all the movies/TV I’ve seen that the thought of that intense suffering was not realisitc enough to me. Several times during the movie I had to remind myself that this really happened to Christ and had to reenage my desensitized mind. I kept asking myself, “Was it really this severe?” and I felt like Jesus was saying to me, Yes, it was. There are times that I’ve been reading through the Gospel and have really felt intense sorrow for Jesus’ sacrifice for our lives. Seeing this movie has added to my understanding of that pain. It’s helped me see that the suffering I’ve experienced in my life is not in vain, especially when you begin to comprehend Christ’s suffering and how much more deep it was than mine (It’s not even close to mine). It’s shown me that I must be bold in my walk with Christ and what he has called me to do because he has given his life for me so that I may live. He is amazing! I would urge everyone to see this movie! There’s more to this life than we think.


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