First time leading…

I’ve been getting a lot of exciting opportunities to serve God lately. Last Sunday, the 18th, I led worship for the 703 Young Adult Service. It was my first time leading with a full band. It was a great worship experience and God really empowered me to lead. He is awesome! During worship, we played a great song, Dwell, which is on the new Vineyard USA worship CD (picture above). It’s really awesome to worship to. I highly recommend the CD. I like most of the songs on it. The song Simple Token on the same CD above was written by our worship pastor here at the Champaign Vineyard, although I prefer his arrangement and singer from the Champaign Vineyard’s worship CD, Simple Token.

I’ve also been stepping into a teaching role and have been given the opportunity to teach some sections in a couple training seminars, the Small Group Leader Training and Learning to Minister Like Jesus. It’s really cool how I look back on my past experiences and training and now see how God is using those experiences to further his Kingdom.


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