great movie…

Jesus of NazarethI watched this awesome movie the other day, Jesus of Nazareth. It’s the best depiction of Christ’s life that I’ve seen and even though it was made back in 1977, it was still very compelling and didn’t seem dated. Over and over I was thinking that this is similar to how I picture it when I read the Gospel. The acting is really good, especially Jesus’, and it was so good that I watched the whole thing, over 6 hours, in one sitting. I was comparing it to the recent mini-series that was on TV called Jesus (which is also what this movie originally was), and it doesn’t even come close to a comparison. I think what I like the most, besides the acting and direction, is how much of the Bible they use. There are some great scenes of Jesus’ parables. I highly recommend it! πŸ™‚


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