Here we are in Columbus…

vineyardcolumbus (36k image)

Today, my friend Roger and I are attending the VLI Intensive on Acts (the Book of) and Missions at the Vineyard in Columbus, OH. This one’s being taught by Mark Fields, who is the AVC Missions Coordinator. His teaching style is good and he’s had some great stories. I really feel so lucky that God has me doing what I’m doing right now. πŸ™‚ I’m gonna take some pics tomorrow at church and get one with Steve Robbins, who is the head of VLI and normally teaches the classes. Roger and I introduced ourselves to him today. The pic above is from a website on the web. I guess you can see why this is over a 6000 member church.

AMC Theaters with Mo Joe Lounge aboveMo Joe Lounge

Believe it or not, right now we’re at a Easton Town Center in Columbus that offers free wireless internet in the whole mall. Pretty cool! It’s a really cool mall. Pretty much has everything. Of course, the free aspects to it our appealing to me.

We’re sitting in a cafΓ© called MoJoe Lounge right now (lower pic on right) re-cooping from the long intensive.


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