My friend Rosi…

My friend RosiLast year, on November 4, 2002, my dear friend Rosi passed away. It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year. So much has happened since then. The bridges she built are continuing to be built and grow. I miss her. I thought I would add the email I wrote last year about her sudden death. I feel it speaks well of her impact on my life and others around her:

Please pray for my dear friend Rosi Berger and her family. On November 4, Rosi died in a car crash in Rosenheim, Germany after having a heart attack. Words cannot express the loss we feel. Rosi was an amazing person and touched so many lives so effectively for God. I can still see her smile, her bright, genuine and honest smile, that uplifted anyone’s mood that was with her. I think of her as God’s connector, showing people that we all have a common bond, a common focus, God, and that we need not let our small differences separate us. She brought together those that others couldn’t or wouldn’t. In a church service where all of us, from 7 different denominations and churches, saw how similar we are and how we can work together. In a gospel concert, Shout to the Lord, that reached so many different people, and now a CD that will reach so many more.

Rosi impacted so many lives, including mine; helping my friends, Bruce and Darla, and I realize our music. She would sit down and start to play as if she had written it herself. She would always open her house any time, go dancing when no one else wanted to, give a ride so you wouldn’t have to walk, give her time when there was hardly any left to give. She was an example for me and I know her influence in my life will always be present. Even though God has other plans for her now, she has lit a fire in all the hearts she has touched and that fire will live on through us.

Please pray for her 15-year old son, Hansi, her mother Frau Käseweber, brother, Tony, and sister, Maria. I would also appreciate your prayers, for I have lost a dear friend, one that made me smile, made me laugh, one that gave me hope.

I made a webpage for her last year. If you would like to see more pictures and articles about her, click here.

We miss you Rosi!


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