All-Day Intensive

decal (13k image)Things have been really busy for me in the last couple weeks. Today I spent almost 10 hours watching an Intensive on the Synoptic Gospels for my class with the Vineyard Leadership Institute. It was really informative and interesting, but of course, there’s only so much your brain can take. I’m learning so much in these classes I don’t think I can process it all. Stuff on Servanthood (serving others) and Stewardship (basically giving) has been really convicting for me. I’m do this in many aspects of my life, but there are still some major parts that fall through the cracks.

My job at IWU is going well. Dick Ryan, a representative with InterVarsity, gave a cool presentation to our students on Thursday. Basically, he was talking about how the world views our personhood as an upside-down pyramid depending on our performance (at the bottom of the upside-down pyramid); how anything, a comment, a storm in our life, can tip it over. The flip-side to that is the right-side up pyramid, where your personhood is the foundation and your performance is the outflow of that. Building on your personhood, i.e., relationships, community, gives your life stability. There’s more to it, but that’s the gist. Pretty cool way to look at it.

I just discovered that I don’t have my friend Nathalie’s site on mine so here it is: Click Here . This is her travel site.

Ciao for now!


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