And so it begins!

Well, the Fall semester is here, and even though I’m not a student anymore, it seems I will follow a semester schedule anyway with the my job at IWU and at the Vineyard Champaign. The last few weeks have been pretty interesting. God has put a lot of things on my heart dealing with honesty and procrastination. I went through about a week of sleepless nights and troubled days. I think what God’s been telling me is that when I don’t want to do something, especially when it was dealing with my degree last year, I procrastinate… so much that sometimes I ended up fudging things to turn them in. I already kind of knew this, but it’s been very much at the forefront of my heart and mind to deal with this, learn from it, and change this about myself. God is so awesome, to be so persistent with me on things, especially honesty, where I stopped trying to rationalize these things away and really bring them before Him. Pretty cool! I know that He’s changing me, one step at a time, and He continues to bring up things I need to work on to be more like Him. Now that’s a true relationship. Of course, I still need to make more time for God, but I’m workin on it. πŸ™‚

So what have I done in the last few weeks? Well, my friends, Roger, Le Que, and I worked together and created a nice website for the Champaign Vineyard’s Young Adult Ministry, GodSearch. Check it out! I’ll have the Message Board up and running soon! Everything’s in full gear this week with teaching lessons at IWU and my work with the Vineyard. I’m excited about all the new things going on. My Supervising Pastor this semester will be Jim Wood, the Worship Pastor. Great guy! Good songwriter too. Check out, Simple Token, songs from the Champaign Vineyard. Someday I will work on my site some more and get all my pics and things back up.


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