Playin’ Around With Sound

This afternoon I was playin’ around with the some MP3 recording software, called ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder. It’s pretty basic, but it was fun to mess around with it. I recorded some worship songs I like to sing. Sure makes me want to play around in a recording studio to add some reverb and stuff. πŸ™‚ Go to, Playin’ around with sound, to listen.

I’ve been alone for the past several days. My roommates Roger & Jackie are off on vacation. It’s been a good time to think about my life, now that things from the past are finished up. I guess what I’ve discovered in the last few weeks and thought about a lot this weekend is that in order for me to be completely healed of things from my past and things I struggle with now, I need to seek to have a deeper relationship/friendship with God. I mean, I always kind of thought that, but I thought that maybe I would read something that was so inspiring or someone would pray for me and God would use them so powerfully, that the secret to freedom would be revealed or unlocked. I know now that it’s my constant seeking to walk with God that will bring complete healing and freedom and those other things will help in this, but they’re not the key. Of course, that makes things harder because I need to devote much more time to intentionally seeking God, not just the 15 minutes on the days I remember. Maybe I should make another page called, Deep Thoughts by Daniel. Ha ha!

Oh yeah! As you can see I’ve added lots of links on the left. My friend Jeff Heidkamp, who is the Young Adult Pastor at the Vineyard, just started an online journal which is pretty interesting. I go to his site often. I also added some other friends that are on the net. My friends’ Kirstin, Jeff Miller, and Brian Herrin. I’m still working on getting my photo journal back up. Thanks to my friend, Paul Egli, I think I have the right script to do it.



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