A lot has happened

Well, now that I have my weblog setup, I can give an update. A lot has happened in the last month. I completed and passed my Masters Recital (listen to excerpts). So after I finish my last requirement, an ear training computer test, I will have my Masters. Woo hoo!

This leads me to some more good news. I was hired as an Adjunct Profesor in Voice at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington – Normal, Illinois. I will be teaching for the Musical Theater Program in the School of Theater Arts. What is also great about this is that I will be working at IWU with my friend Jeff Miller, who is planting a church there, and who I’ve already been helping with his church plant. God, that’s pretty cool!

One of the biggest things that has happened is that I, and my friend Roger, were accepted into the Internship Program at my church here, Vineyard Champaign. We’ll be taking classes through the Vineyard Leadership Institute (in Columbus, OH) and work under the supervision of mentoring pastors 20 hours per week. It still amazes me how much my life has taken a turn in the last two years, and that I have a real relationship with God, and that I’m being led into ministry. Whew! I’m so humbled to see all the blessings He gives me. I can only continue to seek and see where He leads. πŸ™‚

Here is some more info about the 2-year internship:

List of courses I will be taking
Descriptions of classes.
Here is a description of the mentoring aspect of the program.
Here are the leadership projects required for the program.
And here are the service requirements for the program.
(Thanks for finding all the links Roger!)


One thought on “A lot has happened

  1. Daniel Goulet! Thank you for your nice comments on your recital page. It was a very joyful experience to play for you. I really enjoyed it and hope we can do it again some day. I like your new format. I’m so fortunate that God has blessed me with such a friendship as yours.


    Nathalie Doucet πŸ™‚

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